Monday, February 27, 2012

Back into to the swing of things !!!

Well things are certainly back in full swing for us. I started Uni yesterday and the girls extra curricular activties are back in full swing. Not to mention the fact that Issi has been sick with a tummy bug since saturday.

I am also in the process of organising the Living Water ball, this was an event started through a group of guys from our church last year. I was asked to help at the end last year when they were panicked they were organised and this year Jo the girls that was heading it all up was pregnant so it has pretty much become my baby. I am enjoying it, however it is the last thing I really need at the moment with starting Uni. I know it will all worth it on the night.

I also played my first game of basketball in 10 years last week at the YMCA, I certainly need some shooting practice but all in all it was pretty enjoyable and I wasnt to sore on friday.

The 41 Degrees fun run is coming up on Sunday, I have been training for and looking forward to this event all year. Hoping for a good time.

We also had a visitor at our house over the weekend. Ruby got to bring home patch the kindergarten dog. We took some photo's of him and Ruby did a lovely drawing in his scrapbook.


Isabella said...

Sounds like busy ,busy, busy,
What is the living water ball sounds very ///

KERRY said...

That is so cute they have a toy dog for the kids to take home and look after!
Good luck with the transition back into uni, you sound so busy!!
I hope the tummy bug is all better too :)

Fiona said...

Hi Isabelle, the Living water ball is an event that we started last year to raise money for living water International to put in wells. Last year we raised $15k which enabled them to construct 4 wells which gave fresh drinking water to 1800 people. It is held at the Church that I attend although not a church event. Sat 17th march.