Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Issi's back at school !

Today saw Isabella starting grade 3, she was quite excited this morning. Her only concern about being in grade 3 is that you have to all the hard stuff like swimming carnivals. Ruby was very cute this morning and is looking forward to starting Kinder tomorrow, we saw her teacher when we were walking back home from dropping Issi off.

 Nathan and his beautiful girls !!

 Little Miss Ruby !

 Growing up way to quickly.

Me and my beautiful girl !

 Issi and Stella, these 2 beautiful girls have been together since early learner at scotch oakburn when they were 3.

 With her dad, she is Daddy's girl !

 The beautiful Ruby all ready for another year at Ballet.

 So cute.


KERRY said...

Ruby looks just like you Fiona and Issi looks just like her daddy!! I love those little pointed toes, she certainly has the stance of a ballerina :)
I hope it all goes well tomorrow for you and for Ruby, it's not easy seeing your baby off into the big wide world! xo

Isabella said...

They all look so cute your pics are great love to see them you sure are BACK

Fiona said...

Yes Isabella I usually start out all guns blazing, just need to be able to keep it up when I start back into real life next week.